Sevaiya Ki Burfi Recipe


The perfect festive dessert, Sevaiya Ki Buri is a delicious dish of roasted sevaiyan tossed with sugar, milk and khoya. Served with a generous garnishing of nuts and dry fruits.

Ingredients of Sevaiya Ki Burfi

200 Gram Sevaiya
100 Gram Desi ghee
40 Gram Almonds
30 Gram Pistachios
25 Gram Raisins
250 Ml Milk
120 Gram Khoya
100 Gram Sugar

How to Make Sevaiya Ki Burfi

1. Dry roast sewaiya in a pan.
2. Add desi ghee and toss it for a minute.
3. Add milk to the above and let it boil.
4. Now add khoya, sugar and toss it till it blends and you get a thick pouring consistency.
5. Set it in a tray and sprinkle nuts and dry fruits slivers.
6. Let it cool and serve it at room temperature.