Tuesday , 19 December 2017

Parippu Payasam Recipe


250 gms Parippu (Green gram dal)
Coconut milk from 2 coconuts
250 gms Jaggery
2 tblsp Ghee
handful Cashew nuts, Raisins

How to make parippu payasam:

Clean the dal and saute it in ghee till light brown.
Boil the fried dal in water till it is cooked.
Make a thick solution by heating jaggery with some water .
Take milk from the coconut thrice. Keep the thick milk taken 1st, aside.
Add the third milk and the second milk with the jaggery solution to the boiled dal .and simmer on a low flame till thick.
Finally add the first milk and simmer it for a while.
Season it with fried nut, raisins.
Stir well and remove from fire immediately

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