Saturday , 20 January 2018


Indian Tandoori Fish Recipe

Ingredients: 2 lbs of any white fish fillets (cut into 2-3-inch pieces) 1 tbsp chopped fresh ginger 4 cloves garlic 1/3 cup vinegar Salt To Taste 1 tbsp ground coriander seeds 1 tbsp ground cumin seeds 1 tsp ground cayenne pepper 1/2 cup vegetable oil How to make barbecued fish : Blend together ginger, garlic, vinegar, salt, coriander, cumin, cayenne ... Read More »

Chicken Pakora Recipe

Ingredients: 500 gm Boneless Chicken Pieces 2 tbsp Oil 1 tsp Ground Cumin 1 1/2 tsp Salt 1-2 each Chopped Green Chillies (Jalapeno) 1 Chopped Onion 1 tsp Ginger-Garlic paste 2 tsp Vinegar 1 cup Curd 1 tsp Lemon juice Preparation: Put everything but chicken and batter in blender and blend till fine Marinate the chicken pcs with the resulting ... Read More »

Indian Barbecue Chicken Tikka Recipe

Ingredients: 1 (3 to 4 pound) chicken 1 1/2 cups yogurt 1 tbsp paprika 4 garlic cloves, pressed 1/8 tsp chili peppers 1 tsp salt 1/4 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp ground cumin 1/8 tsp ground cloves A spritzer of the type used to mist plants or dampen clothes for ironing for the barbecue flare ups. Ho to make indian barbecue ... Read More »

Indian Lobster Salad Recipe

Ingredients:- 1 hen lobster, lettuces, endive, small salad (whatever is in season), a little chopped beetroot, 2 hard-boiled eggs, a few slices of cucumber. For dressing, equal quantities of oil and vinegar, 1 teaspoonful of made mustard, the yolks of 2 eggs; cayenne and salt to taste; 3 teaspoonful of anchovy sauce. These ingredients should be mixed perfectly smooth, and ... Read More »

Hot Lobster Recipe

Ingredients:- 1 lobster, 2 oz. of butter, grated nutmeg; salt, pepper, and pounded mace, to taste; bread crumbs, 2 eggs. Mode:- Pound the meat of the lobster to a smooth paste with the butter and seasoning, and add a few bread crumbs. Beat the eggs, and make the whole mixture into the form of a lobster; pound the spawn, and ... Read More »

Indian Boiled Lobster Recipes

Ingredients:- 1/4 lb. of salt to each gallon of water. Mode:- Medium-sized lobsters are the best. Have ready a stewpan of boiling  water, salted in the above proportion; put in the lobster, and keep it boiling  quickly from 20 minutes to 3/4 hour, according to its size, and do not forget to skim well. If it boils too long, the ... Read More »

Chicken Lollypop

Ingredients: 8 Chicken wings 1 Cup breadcrumbs 1 tbsp Corn flour 1/2 tsp Salt 1 Egg 1 tbsp White pepper Oil for deep frying A pinch of ajino motto (optional) Preparation Method: Take a bowl and beat egg in it. Add corn flour, breadcrumbs, ajno motto, white pepper and salt and make a fine batter. Now mix chicken wings with ... Read More »

Chicken 65

Ingredients: 2 lbs. Chicken(boneless, skinless thighs) 2 tsps. Corn Flour 2 tsps. All Purpose Flour 1 no. Egg 1½ tsps. Ginger(paste) 1½ tsps. Garlic(paste) 2 tsps. Red Chilies(powder) 12 nos. Green Chilies 2 cups Yoghurt 1 tsp. All spice powder(cloves, cinnamon, cardamom) 4 drops Food Color(Red) Onion for garnishing 3 tsps. Lime juice Salt to taste Vegetable Oil for frying ... Read More »

Chicken malai kebab

            Ingredients: 1 kg chicken (boneless) 30 ml malt vinegar 1 egg 60 gms processed cheese 10 gms green coriander (finely chopped) 100 ml oil 4 portions yield 15 gms salt 50gms ginger garlic paste 10 gms corn flour 10 gms green chili (deseeded) 120 ml fresh cream 50 gms butter Chicken Malai Kebab How ... Read More »

Chicken Kabab

Ingredients : 1/2 kg ground chicken 2 inch ginger minced 1 onion finely chopped 2 tsp garam masala 2 tsp tandoori masala 1/2 tsp coriander powder 2 tsp vegetable oil 2 tsp yoghurt 2 cloves garlic minced 2 tsp cornflour 1 egg 1/2 tsp turmeric 4 tsp dry or fresh mint leaves 2 tsp red chili powder salt to taste ... Read More »