Saturday , 20 January 2018

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Welcome to, the on-line pool of simple home-made recipes. Who can be more disappointed than a hungry man who is on diet with mouth watering fancy food on his table?. A Spanish proverb says ‘The belly rules the mind’. Well, the good news is, mouth watering food can still be healthy enough for anyone to eat. Above all, it can be simple enough for anyone to make it. That’s the whole idea of this website. In a nutshell, this website contains simple, delicious and healthy dishes that can be made at your home.

Everyday there is something new to learn and something new to share. ‘Knowledge increases by sharing’. You are welcome to share your cooking ideas, recipes, simple tips and other suggestions.

Indian food has been around for over 5000 years,  It’s roots trace down to Aryans, who migrated and settled in India around 6000 BC. Mughals, British, Turkish and Portuguese influences also made inroads into the Indian Cuisine. This has resulted in a wide range of cuisines and varieties.

There are 28 states in India, all carry their unique food specialties, but let’s look at communities in India, there are over 30 languages and over 100 dialects in India belonging to different communities. Every community in India has a specialty of their own be it The Rathods, the Rajputs, the Jaiswals, The Kapoors or the Dixits.. every individual family has their own special ingredients and style of preparation.

India Cuisine has gone global many years ago. Indian Food is getting a more, modernistic approach in most of the countries outside of India and also in major cities within India.

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